“Wearable Art” VIP Pass – Dec 9th, 2023


This is a VIP pass for viewing and purchasing art during the VIP session of our next show “Wearable Art” on December 9th, 2023! For this show we are featuring 200 of our favorite artists celebrating glass pendants and dyed shirts. This pass includes a plus one for a friend or partner to join you, but only allows purchasing by the individual named on this purchase. Your $50 purchase of this VIP pass will go directly towards your purchase of art at our event. Drinks will be on us for the entire evening.

This VIP pass will get you in at 2pm, before we open to the general public at 4pm. We will start at 2pm with a viewing session for all VIP’s to see all of the work. After this session is over each VIP will draw a number from a jar and this number will determine the order of purchasing. Whoever pulls #1 will pick first and if you pull #20 you will make your selections 20th. This is the fairest way for us to give everyone an equal chance at the art available. This method will also keep you from having to wait for every draw to hope to hear your name. Instead you will know your number and it will be easier to determine when you will make your selections.

When purchasing begins you will be able to purchase art from 3 glass artists, and 3 dye artists, one item per artist. This will allow each VIP to purchase 3 pendants total, by 3 different artists, and 3 dyed shirts, by 3 different artists. If you want to just purchase one piece that is great as well. Once all VIP’s have made their selections, purchasing will open to everyone and there are no limitations on purchases. In summary this VIP ticket will give you access to first picks on 3 glass pendants by 3 artists and 3 dyed shirts by 3 different artists.

This VIP Pass is nonrefundable and non transferable, meaning this can only be applied to purchases at this event and it cannot be applied to anyone but the person named in this purchase. If you decide not to purchase any art the $50 is non refundable. However we’re reasonable people so extenuating circumstances apply.

If you have any questions at all feel free to email us at [email protected]. We are incredibly excited about you all attending our event and we will do our absolute best to make this a great and fair experience for everyone attending. Thank you as always for your continued support!

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