Eusheen x Natey Energy Loop


This week Eusheen Goines and Natey Biskind taught a class at my business Level 42 Gallery & Studio. This Energy Loop was their first collaboration they made in the class. Features a rainbow fillacello by Eush and classic rainbow linework by Natey. This piece is made from Molten Aura Labs Gold Amethyst, has a 10mm joint, and is only 8 inches tall, making it one of the smallest energy loops created. This piece is now publicly available, we are asking $15k. Can be shipped in a pelican, hand delivered, or we will happily fly you into Asheville from anywhere within the US and set you up with the VIP experience at 42. Feel free to message me here, on IG at @Level42Gallery, or call our business line at 828-767-0466 if you have more questions or would like to see more photos or videos.  Much love.

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