(deposit) Daisuke & Sakiyo Class, Session 1, Observation Spot


Purchasing this will reserve your spot in this class with a deposit. The full balance will be due before the first day of your selected class session. We are doing this to help secure spots in these classes for artists that are interested, but to also make it more affordable as we lead up to the classes in September. These deposits are non refundable.

Session 1 with Daisuke will cover creating murrine from start to finish. He will also be making Tonbodama/Mosaic beads. For this class Daisuke will be doing demonstrations of a variety of different murrine as well as their application in creating Tonbodama beads. Daisuke also noted that his teachings about murrine will be applicable in many ways other than just beads. We are offering both torch spots and observations spots in this class. Torch spots are $1k and observation spots are $800.

Daisuke will share his process in creating murrine with a type of soft glass called Satake glass. The majority of these techniques can also can be applied to Morretti and Borosilicate glass. The class will mainly consist of demonstrations by Daisuke assisted by Sakiyo but there will also be time allotted for students who purchase a torch spot to practice these techniques on the torch.

The majority of the class will be demonstrations by Daisuke but there will also be time for students who purchased a torch spot to practice these techniques. Daisuke believes that most students will not be able to fully complete murrine and beads within the class time, however participants will understand these techniques and will be able to apply them to future creations. Even though the type of glass and the torch types are different, the processes and ideas are the same which they believe will be beneficial for anyone working with murrine or making beads.

These are some of the designs that Daisuke has allotted for this class….

Cherry blossom murrini and bead Checkered mosaic murrini and bead
Shippo mosaic murrini and bead
Asanoha mosaic murrini and bead
Snowflake murrini

For processes that cannot be demonstrated, such as bead polishing, a brief video or verbal explanation will be provided.

We will provide printed materials with simple diagrams and text for some of the demos for participants to explain the processes shared. This will help students to better understand Daisuke’s demonstration, and it will also be useful for participants to make their glass later. Through out the class communication will be assisted with the use of AI translation. Questions will be asked and answered with the use of DeepL and ChatGPT. Sakiyo also knows some English. Daisuke has hosted classes in France this way and they found it easy to communicate between teacher and students.

These classes will generally run from 9am-5pm with a break for lunch at 1pm. Lunch will be supplied by Level 42 from local Asheville restaurants. At the end of the class some of the work created by Daisuke will be raffled off to the students participating in that session! All murrine made in the class will be provided as well! These classes are the first time that Daisuke and Sakiyo have taught in the US making this an incredibly rare and unique opportunity. If you have any questions at all please email [email protected]. Thank you!!!

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