Coldworking class with Mr. Facet


This is a single day class with Mr. Facet (Cody Rosenberg). This class will start at 9am and will run into the evening with a local catered lunch included with the class around 12-1pm. Here is a description of the class direct from Cody!

Mr. Facet – One Day Introduction to Faceting

In this introductory class, students will watch first-hand as I demonstrate how to facet a marble with a step cut from start to finish, including a museum grade polish.  We will cover everything involved with the process from start to finish.

This class will specifically include:
– Materials and tools used (how and why)
– Proper tool & equipment maintenance
– The science behind how facets work
– Different dopping techniques
– Achieving a (true) museum-grade quality polish

– Troubleshooting issues while faceting

– How to repair damaged facets on a completed piece

– Sustainable safety tips

– Inspiration and creativity within faceting

– How to design a faceting pattern

After the demonstration, the class will receive hands-on instruction and guided practice.  Each student will receive a private, personal feedback session, which will offer constructive critiques of their work, identify strenghts and weaknesses and areas to focus on for improvement.

A Q&A session will be held to address any general questions that relate to coldworking.

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