Carolina Vessels VIP Pass


Hey guys, hope you all are doing well! We are incredibly excited for this show, it’s coming up so soon! The show will be hosted on February 22nd. We are stoked to offer you all this VIP pass. The best part of this VIP Pass is it gives you exclusive access to our studio for the evening to hang out and watch the glassblowing demos from within the studio. For this event the studio will be closed to the general public with security at both doors. The only people allowed in the studio will be artists featured in this show as well as the VIP’s. From our previous shows we’ve hosted everyone wants access to the studio but with our occupancy restrictions we will only be able to allow artists and VIP’s to enter. This VIP Pass also allows you access to enter our gallery an hour before we open to the public which is the best way to get first picks on the available glass from the show. Finally it also includes your choice of one of these three options.

1. A limited edition print by Isadora Bullock ($40 value)

2. A 42 hat and shirt ($45 value)

3. A 42 hoodie ($50 value)

Please include your selection in the notes of your purchase and if you choose the hat/shirt or the hoodie please include your size. These will be available for pickup at the show and if your size is not available we will have it shipped to you. Thank you so much for all of your support.

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